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A prevention program for the challenges of artistic practice




An initiative of the Department of Applied Psychology and the Royal Conservatoire of the Antwerp University College (AP Hogeschool)

Research Project

Challenges for Performing Artists

Performing artists are often faced with significant psychological, physical and socio-artistic challenges throughout their studies and careers which can lead to a number of psychological and health issues. The Royal Antwerp Conservatoire (Antwerp University College) is worried about the mental wellbeing of performing artists and is sounding the alarm bell. Increasing the mental resilience of performing artists is deemed essential for preventing mental health issues.


Therefore, the goal of this research project is to perform an in-depth investigation of the various mental health challenges performing artists face. The results of this investigation will be subsequently used to develop a multidisciplinary (drawing on Psychology, the Arts, Medicine and Health Sciences) prevention program aimed at preventing mental health issues among performing artists.

During their educations as well their subsequent careers, performing artists are confronted with a plethora of physical, psychological and socio-artistic challenges.


Using qualitative methods such as depth-interviews, focusgroups and systematic observation, this project will investigate the mental health effects of said challenges on performing artists. Specific subquestions will investigate topics such as psychological strain, mental resilience, coping skills and good mental health practices. Importantly, this methodology is used to gauge the subjective experiences of performing artists regarding these challenges.



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Research Team

Bart Michiels

Tessa Weyns

Magda Thielemans

Hanne Claessens

Annouk Van Moorsel

Elisah D'Hooge

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Prevention Program

The research results will be used for the development of a multidisciplinary prevention program aimed at improving the mental resilience of performing artists.


Coping skills of individual performing artists as well as good practices from Psychology, the Arts, Medicine and Health Sciences will be explored in order to shape the prevention program.




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